Following the success of Recruitment Asia 2017, Malaysia that took place on 31 Oct-1 Nov and produced by Priya Veeriah, in this new series, our speakers will address some of the thought provoking questions sent in by the delegates via Pigeonhole, our communication platform onsite.

In this first of the series, we bring responses from Clayton Tan, HR director, Vinda Group:

Q. What do you attribute Vinda Group's low employee attrition rate to? Does it relate to any generational factors?

I personally do not think that it has anything to do with generational factors. (We have diverse generations within the organisation, and do not see a particular pattern when it comes to attrition.)

Retention begins with recruitment. Reflecting back to the part where I shared about fixing/enhancing the product before marketing/branding, this would be core to having good retention rates.

I see that many organisations utilise story telling when employer branding is concerned, where stories may not often be the full truth. We believe in ensuring a good employee experience first without overselling. In this instance, we as employers will not over-promise and under-deliver.

We as employers will not over-promise and under-deliver.

Also, it is important that we gauge cultural fit when recruitment is concerned, as that is the determinant of whether an employee will strive through thick and thin with the organisation.

It is only when all the above are in place, employee engagement activities and good internal communications help to further strengthen engagement.

Q. How do you create brand awareness from an HR perspective?

The key to good employer branding is to have good employee experience; just as good product branding is about having a good product to propagate word of mouth sharing.

When employee experience is good, we can then amplify it by providing multiple platforms for employees to share about their great experience with pride.

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