Three quarters of local employers snoop on potential candidates online, with almost two thirds rejecting those who are untruthful.

Another 57% of 396 hiring managers surveyed by JobsCentral said they do not consider candidates who bad-mouth previous bosses or who share confidential company information online.

Michelle Lim, chief operating officer of JobsCentral Group, said it is no surprise employers are using online tools to check on potential staff, as it helps them ensure they are hiring the best possible person.

“While job-seekers may find it unfair that their personal life is being dragged into the hiring equation, rather than bemoan the loss of privacy, it would be better to exercise good judgement in all social media engagement and make an effort to utilise available privacy settings,” said Lim.

“That is basically the reality of living in an internet age.”

But while a majority of employers are going online to check out candidates, 62.1% spend less than a minute looking at a resume, with only 4.8% spending more than five minutes on an application.

Therefore, Lim said it is also important for candidates to be succinct in their resumes, as its purpose is to garner enough interest for the employer to grant an interview opportunity.

The survey also found 68.9% of recruiters consider irrelevant job experience listed in the resume as their biggest pet peeve, while 49% are put off by resumes with insufficient information.

Nearly all of the employers surveyed (90.8%) also revealed they will leave room for candidates to negotiate their salaries, but those looking for a higher starting pay must be ready to justify it by listing their specific accomplishments and results.