“The end in mind is to be able to implement a predictive analytics model that can aid HR in more proactive solutions for the business,” says Jeffrey Ng, DKSH Malaysia's Senior Director, Country HR.

The software enables employers to analyse work at a task level, gain greater clarity into mission-critical work, and better adapt to changing business needs.


According to Norchahya Ahmad, VP of IIAM, effective talent recruitment and retention is one of the shortcomings of the HR function.

As HR practitioners, we know that the organisation culture is a critical piece of the puzzle in change management, says Connie Chan, HR Associate Director, Procter & Gamble (P&G).

"Each person experiences the effects of COVID-19 differently, so there’s no single approach to supporting employees. It’s important for business leaders and managers to not only acknowledge the challenges faced, but to empathise and take time to understand the best way they can support their teams during this time."

In a world where drowning in information is easier than actually pinpointing the data we need, let's cover all stages of the people analytics journey through conversations with leaders who walk the analytics talk.