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Human Resources Online


HR Quarter 2, 2021 edition

hrsg q2 21
Issue Highlights
  • Upskilling 101 special: How 9 leaders are changing the game in workplace learning
  • Watch: Video interviews with expert industry practitioners
  • What 7 HR leaders wish for in the coming years
  • How people managers can end the 'always-on' culture


HR Quarter 4, 2020 edition

hrmy q420
Issue Highlights
  • Annual listing of Malaysia's top HR solution providers
  • Research based on evaluation by respected HR practitioners
  • Find your best match in areas of recruitment, healthcare, and more
  • Bookmark this issue for year-round decision making support

Hong Kong

Corporate Health Insurance Guide 2021

hrmy q120
Issue Highlights
  • Market analysis: Expert insights from Aon’s Medical Trends Report
  • Industry viewpoints: Insider knowledge for corporates, SMEs and start-ups
  • HR perspectives: The pros share their wisdom on boosting employees’ healthcare benefits
  • Handy overview of Hong Kong’s top medical insurance providers

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